Views of the Academy

When I first came to St Wilfrid’s Academy I was nervous as I didn’t know anyone. The staff  are really friendly, I have a laugh with them but I have to do my work as ‘the staff mean business’ and work with me to keep me focussed.

When I was in my previous school, I used to get into trouble for swearing, walking out of lessons and not going to class. I used to get angry and kick off.

I have learned more at St Wilfrid’s than at my old school. The staff  listen to me and help me if I don’t understand my work.

My attendance has improved as I don’t walk out of school anymore. I like being part of St Wilfrid’s Academy, I feel proud to be a student here. Yr 7 student

I found it hard in mainstream school and got excluded from several schools. I really struggle to get on with other students, I would fall out with them and cause arguments and fights. I also used to swear at staff and make very personal comments.

I find it easier to be in lessons here and have made lots of progress. I am now on level 8 in maths. I like being in small groups in lessons as I don’t get distracted and I learn more.

My Dad is happy that I am doing so well at school now and my relationship with him has improved as he gets positive phone calls.

I am looking forward to Yr 10 when I am hoping to be able to go on a work placement for one day a week. My ambition is to become an accountant when I leave school. Yr 9 student

I understand my work and can work better here Student yr8

I prefer working in a small group as I don’t get on with other students. It’s better for me because they set the work at my level Student yr8

I feel much more relaxed as I understand what the teachers are saying and I can learn Student to parent yr8 SEN

I’m really enjoying this course because it is fun and I’m learning new skills which makes me feel proud Student yr11

It’s an exciting experience Student yr10

It’s a great course and it’s nice to have something practical to concentrate on other than just written exams Vocational Student Yr 11

St Wilfrid’s has been a lifesaver for my daughter and the rest of our family. The support and help we have received from the school have been invaluable in all aspects, we can’t thank them enough. Parent