We feel that it is important that our students receive impartial and unbiased careers information, advice and guidance to help them make informed decisions, support them in unlocking their potential and move them towards realising their ambitions.

The world of education and work is changing, with new courses, pathways and careers emerging. We are here to help our students navigate through these changes.

Our students can access our qualified Careers Adviser, Helen Green for one-to-one support.

She can support students with:

Planning for the future – discussing careers/jobs and the best routes into them
Generating career ideas
Choosing options and what suites them best
Choosing and applying for a course – University or College
Completing application forms, CVs and letters of application
Finding work or an apprenticeship
Job hunting techniques including mock interviews

To book an appointment call Helen on 07944 270 163 or email Students can also request an appointment by calling into the careers room when Helen is in the academy or by asking teachers.

If parents/carers wish to attend their son or daughters’ careers interview or just want to chat about their child’s future, they can ring school, email or give Helen a call.

Information, Advice & Guidance: Online
For careers information look on the following websites:

Other Useful Websites

National Citizen Service – a government programme for 16-17 year olds to build confidence and independence

Voluntary opportunities –

For information on careers, local educational establishments (including sixth forms, colleges and training providers look on

Information for Students

Whatever stage you are at in your education, there are always important decisions coming up about the choices and plans you need to make about your future.

The careers education and guidance programme at St Wilfrids Academy seeks to positively support you to acquire the educational, social and employability skills necessary for lifelong success in a diverse and changing world of work.

As a pupil at St. Wilfrids Academy you are entitled to a careers education and guidance programme which:

is personal to you and always puts your interests first
motivates and inspires you to consider all opportunities open to you within and outside St Wilfrids Academy
helps you to gain the skills you need to make your career ambitions a reality
provides the support you need to be successful
helps you access any additional support you might need
is delivered by trained and qualified teachers and advisers, with up-to-date knowledge and understanding of career pathways and local labour market information
protects and respects your personal information and shares it only with your consent
always puts your interests first

Information for Parents/Carers

Research has consistently shown that parents and carers are the most influential factor in students’ decisions about the future. Your support and encouragement influences their choices, and the guidance you provide will be invaluable to their eventual achievements and career pathways. This might feel a little daunting…the jobs of the future may be very different from your own experiences and choices. In fact, they may not even been invented yet!

There are some very simple and practical steps you can take to support your child.

Talk to them about their current educational attainment and estimated grades and encourage them to aim high (the skills shortages of the future will be in higher level jobs)

Discuss where they want to be and research how to get there (lots of great resources can be found under the ‘IAG’ section of this website also on the website.
Encourage them to seek out the advice and experiences they need to help them achieve their goals
Help them with the steps they need to take
Together with a range of career professionals, businesses and training providers we will support your son’s/daughter’s career development in a number of ways including:

Information and discussion in lessons and assemblies to help them make decisions about your future
Activities and events such as employability days
Access to careers advisers in a variety of ways including individual meetings, drop-in sessions, enrichment activities, and on results days
Careers information and computer-based careers programmes
Information and updates on notice boards.
You are welcome to attend your child’s careers meeting and we encourage you to contact St Wilfrids Academy if you need any more help or information.

Careers Contacts
SLT Careers Leader: Debbie Cartwright

Telephone: 07964 904800

Careers Adviser: Helen Green

Telephone: 07944 270163
Availability: Wednesdays

General Enquires and Provider Access

Please contact the Careers Leader or use the contact details below

Telephone: 01302 562540