Arrangements for Friday 18th December and Christmas holidays

Arrangements for Friday 18th December and Christmas holidays.

We would like to thank all members of our school community for their support throughout this term. 

We are very proud of the determination and resilience shown by both pupils/students and staff in delivering outstanding teaching and learning in many new and innovative ways.  This has been possible because of the unswerving support of parents, carers and the wider school community and we are grateful that our school is part of such a positive and supportive community.

We would like to update you on our arrangements for the end of term and the school holidays. 

As you know, Friday 18th December 2020 was already a designated INSET day.  This means that school will finish for the Christmas holidays on Thursday 17th December, which is also in line with Department for Education guidance issued this week. 

In the event that your child receives a positive Covid test result in the period 18 -23 December 2020, we need to ask you to contact us.    To make this process as easy as possible while schools are closed, we have added a form to the school website.  This will allow you to submit details of a positive test received between 18 and 23 December and allow us to take the necessary actions, laid down by the Department for Education.  The form can be found using the QR code below:



If your child receives a positive test result after the 23 December, you can inform us on the first day of the new term, using normal attendance procedures.  

We hope that you and your family enjoy a peaceful and restful Christmas and look forward to welcoming your child back to the academy in 2021.