Why is Numeracy so important? 

St Wilfrid’s Academy strongly supports the belief that good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health. We use Numeracy in every aspect of our life. From going shopping to decorating a room, to planning your personal finances to dieting. Numeracy is the ability to use maths in real life context. To make the best decisions in life we need to be numerate.

There is substantial evidence that low numeracy skills are associated with poor outcomes in employment, wages, health, social, emotional and behavioral difficulties, school exclusions, truancy and crime.

St Wilfrid’s Academy continues to promote numeracy throughout the whole academy so every student and every staff member has the opportunity to develop their numeracy skills and build on their confidence.

We have a number of ongoing initiatives in place to encourage students to adopt a positive attitude towards maths and numeracy.

  • Numeracy and Literacy starters take place at the beginning of every lesson, these key skills enable students to break down barriers and promote learning in different environments.
  • Numeracy challenges and quizzes take place in form time on a Tuesday morning. Students are encouraged to work together as a team to complete the quiz and improve their score week by week.   
  • All students complete a numeracy audit on entry, which creates a detailed analysis of the numeracy gaps present for each student. This information is used to inform interventions, planning and key foci for numeracy form time and starters.
  • Numeracy is present in all subject areas across the curriculum. This gives students the opportunity to become confident at tackling maths in any context.
  • At St Wilfrid’s we use the online learning platform Hegarty Maths. Students are given the opportunity to access the learning platform in lessons or as homework to consolidate learning and to enable students to challenge themselves further.