Pastoral Support

At St Wilfrid’s Academy we focus upon a holistic approach to teaching and learning and achieving good educational outcomes; whereby pupils and students benefit from small, supportive alternative provision.

We have established a multi- disciplinary team of professionals to support the teaching and learning, which include: Personal Learning Advocates, who in partnership with our SENCo, and Education Welfare Officer, deliver bespoke packages of support and/or one off assessments.

Out talented and experienced team of professionals have developed a quick and easy access route to receiving support, it is central to our vision in delivering early intervention. They deliver high quality pastoral provision with a greater focus on preparing children and young people for learning and the world of work. In addition we look to increase access to learning through one-to-one support and mentoring opportunities, and this could be through a mixture of off-site and extra-curricular events in order to improve the self-esteem and self-confidence of learners.

Through a co-ordinated approach we support learners and their families with a range of services and support:

  • Achievement
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Family Relationships and Support
  • Housing advice
  • Losss – The Loss of Someone of Something Special
  • Multi - Agency co-ordination and support
  • Specialist Assessments and SENDA

With our dedicated holistic team approach we are able to offer a forum for parents and carers to work together to improve outcomes for their child or family.

Our team offer that link between home and academy life, develop a consistent approach to managing complex issues and agree boundaries and behaviours, sanctions and rewards.

We aim to work with you as we recognise the importance of respecting family life and see our parents and carers as the prime educator of their child.

During your child’s or young person’s time at St Wilfrid’s Academy their will have a named Personal Learning Advocate who can support with making those important links with the home, our academy, the referring community based academy/school and other agency support. They can support you in making referrals to other agencies and put you in touch with other services.