In Key stage 2 our aim is to make learning fun. The basic skills of maths, reading and spelling grammar and punctuation form a very important part of our daily teaching. We use stories to inspire our learning. This allows us to give purpose to our Literacy and work and supports us in planning activities creatively to cover all aspects of the curriculum in an interesting and meaningful context.

On entry, as well as basic literacy assessments, children complete a baseline maths assessment. This enables us to determine the student’s overall ability in maths. It also highlights any gaps in learning that exist. Teaching and learning then focuses on plugging such gaps and accelerating progress. Children have access to Mathletics, which has proved to be an engaging, supportive online learning resource. 

Due to the ever-changing cohort, topics of shorter duration are planned. This ensures that children are not disadvantaged from missing the beginning or the end of a topic due to their placement timings and duration.

Each half term the children enjoy an enrichment activity of their choice, which takes place weekly, on a Wednesday afternoon. Activities available include mountain biking, animal care, Lego technology and catering. The children have swimming lessons every week. They develop water confidence, stroke techniques and water safety skills.

Jane Tomlinson

Primary Lead Teacher & SENCO