KS2 Reading

On entry to KS2, a student’s reading level is determined by the STAR reading assessment. This is a computer adaptive test, which takes approximately ten minutes to complete. The test gives rise to the student’s zone of proximal development (ZPD). In short, this is the ideal range of text complexity for that student. Students achieve the most significant gains in reading skills when they read books that are neither so easy to be unchallenging nor too hard to be frustrating.

AR book levels are determined with ATOS readability formula, which measures complexity of the text of an entire book. The formula takes into account the average sentence length, average word length, difficulty of the words used and the total number of words in the book. Using book levels and their reading range as a guide, the student then chooses books that interest them and reads them.

All children get the opportunity to share a book with an adult on a daily basis.

After finishing a book, students take online reading practise quiz within AR. These quizzes check that the student has understood the book and provides an opportunity to praise the students.

A display board in the Primary building celebrates the successes of the children's reading.