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Learning outside the Classroom

Learning outside the classroom is about raising young people’s achievement through an organised, powerful approach to learning in which direct experience is of prime importance.

Meaningful learning occurs through acquiring skills through real life hands-on activities

This is not only about what we learn, but most importantly, how and where we learn. It is about improving young people’s understanding, skills, values, personal and social development and can act as a vehicle to develop young people’s capacity and motivation to learn.

Real-world learning brings the benefits of formal and informal education together and reinforces what good educationalists have always known: that the most meaningful learning occurs through acquiring knowledge and skills through real-life, practical or hands-on activities.

There is a wealth of evidence which clearly demonstrates the benefits for young people’s learning and personal development outside the classroom. In summary, learning outside the classroom:

  • tackles social mobility, giving children new and exciting experiences that inspire them to reach their true potential. These real world experiences raise aspirations, equipping young people with the skills they need to become active and responsible citizens and shape a fit and motivated workforce.
  • addresses educational inequality, re-motivating children who do not thrive in the traditional classroom environment, such as those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with Special Educational Needs. Young people who experience learning outside the classroom as a regular part of their school life benefit from increased self esteem, and become more engaged in their education both inside and outside the classroom walls.
  • supports improved standards back INSIDE the classroom, raising attainment, reducing truancy and improving discipline. Learning outside the classroom is known to contribute significantly to raising standards & improving pupils’ personal, social & emotional development.

Students studying at St. Wilfrids Academy have the opportunity to partake in a wide variety of Trips and Visits that supplement their learning inside the classroom. 

2018/19 Trips & Visits Calendar



TuesdaysRossington Leisure CentreKS2/3 Swimming Lessons
Friday 12th JulyHatfield WaterparkKS3/4 Kayaking
Monday 15th JulyHatfield WaterparkKS2 Kayacking & Low Ropes
Tuesday 16th JulyFlamingo Land*KS2/3/4 End of Year Rewards Trip

Please note that the rolling annual parental consent form is used for the above local programme of events unless indicated '*' ,in which case a seperate parental consent letter is required.