Finance is a KS4 optional qualification and is also embedded as a non exam module within our EPC (Ethics, Philosophy & Citizenship curriculum in all key stages.

Students have the opportunity to study a financial qualification at Level 2 in KS4. Students start with the Award and have the opportunity to ‘top up’ to the certificate.

The Certificate in Financial Education (CeFE) introduces the student to the impact of finance on the economy and encourages them to consider how this can affect business and the individual. Through this it develops knowledge and a valuable range of applied and transferable skills and provides a foundation for further study in business and finance-related disciplines.


CeFE consists of three mandatory units. The recommended guided learning hours (GLH) for the average student to complete is 130 hours.

Unit 1 – Finance, the Individual and Society 

Students will understand the role of the citizen in the UK, the values held by citizens, and the impact they have on personal finance.

Unit 2 – Practices of Managing Money 

Students’ will gain an understanding of the concept of financial planning and personal financial budgets. The unit will also provide an understanding of the impact on both the individual and society of spending and borrowing.

Unit 3 – Financial Capability, Work and Enterprise 

This unit provides learners with an understanding of how businesses manage money and the relationship between personal money management and business money management.  It also provides knowledge on the inter-relationship between the individual and business.


Unit 1 and Unit 2 are assessed via the LIBF e-test electronic testing system.

Units 1 and 2 are assessed by a single 45 minute test that comprises 35 questions of: 

Unit 1: 20 stand-alone multiple-choice questions and five sets of stimulus material each with three associated questions.

Unit 2: 15 stand-alone multiple-choice questions and five sets of stimulus material each with four associated questions.

Unit 3: Assessed by a pre-release case study requiring written responses to five associated questions. This component of the examination is to be completed in 1 hour. 


The qualification is graded A*-C. Achievement of a pass in all three units leads to the achievement of the award. When Students pass units 1 and 2 they will gain a Level 2 Award in Finance, Graded Pass, Merit or Distinction.